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Bioplastic R&D team started to bioplastic studies in 2009.  Graduate studies about bioplastic have been carried out at the university and the patent application about bioplastic production processes was carried out in 2013.

University-industry cooperation negotiations that has started in 2013 for the purpose of integrating the knowledge developed at the university into the industry has received support from related funding sources in 2015. Within the scope of these supports, R&D and pilot production facility was established at the production area of Boyplast Inc. that operates in the field of plastic industry in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone, and bioplastic raw material in medical purity and new formulations containing bioplastic have been developed.

In 2018, a new organizational structure was formed for the management of commercialization processes of the products that have been developed within the university-industry cooperation, and the R&D and production processes of bioplastics have been continued under the brand of Innovaplast established in this concept.

Thanks to its competences, Innovaplast can develop bioplastic products with various physical and chemical properties in line with the requirements of different sectors. It can also manage the industrial production and quality control processes of the developed products.


  • To develop the most qualified and highly efficient bioplastic raw material needed by the sector,
  • To achieve always the better by following the changing demands and developing technological opportunities with a sustainable R&D policy and an innovation-oriented approach,   
  • To develop alternative, eco-friendly and new generation bioplastic products for the sectors in which petroleum-based plastics are used,
  • To contribute to a clean, healthy and sustainable future, are the main visions of Innovaplast.


Innovaplast continues to work with these objectives;

  • To be the provider of a significant part of the world’s bioplastic needs with eco-friendly production policies prioritizing health,
  • To contribute to the solution of the plastic waste problem that is growing with each passing day by replacing petroleum derivative plastics with bioplastics in all relevant sectors.


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